Dr. Tyrone Malloy

gynecologist, educator, and legal professional

The Dr. Tyrone Malloy Scholarship was established with the vision of supporting aspiring medical students who demonstrate a passion for women’s health and a commitment to excellence in healthcare, education, and ethical medical practice. The scholarship aims to empower the next generation of medical leaders in women’s health by providing financial support and recognition for their dedication and potential.

Dr. Tyrone Malloy’s distinguished career and contributions to the fields of gynecology, education, and law serve as the cornerstone of the scholarship’s mission. His journey in the medical and legal realms, marked by exceptional achievements and a commitment to advancing healthcare and promoting understanding in the complex intersection of medicine and law, is a testament to his dedication to excellence in healthcare, education, and the ethical practice of medicine.

By embodying Dr. Malloy’s values and dedication to advancing healthcare, promoting understanding at the intersection of medicine and law, and upholding the highest standards of patient care, the Dr. Tyrone Malloy Scholarship aims to support and empower future medical leaders who share his vision and commitment to excellence in healthcare.


Professional Credentials


  • Dr. Tyrone Malloy earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from New York University, laying the foundation for his passion for the biological sciences. He pursued his medical education at the prestigious Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, known for its commitment to excellence in medical training.
  • Dr. Malloy is certified by the American Board of OB/GYN and has been actively involved in organizations such as Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity and the International Society of Police Surgeons, showcasing his dedication to professional development and community engagement in healthcare.


  • Dr. Malloy’s clinical expertise and commitment to women’s health have established him as a respected figure in the medical community. His multidisciplinary approach, combining medical proficiency with legal acumen, reflects a dedication to ensuring the highest standards of care for his patients.
  • Professional Journey:** Throughout his career, Dr. Malloy has held various positions in esteemed institutions such as the Soapstone Center for Clinical Research and Metropolitan Atlanta OB/GYN, where he served as CEO, Medical Director, Principal Investigator, and Consultant.

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